WHO DID IT BETTER? – After the Rain VS Billy and Me

Back in December, when I did my first ever post of the WDIB? series, I got a few comments saying that youse liked the idea and wanted to see similar posts in the future. So, since I’ve slowly crept back into my reading habits (thank the Lord), I decided to put two of the books that I read up against each other, and find out who truly did it better.


Believe me when I say that finding a skin-care routine best suited for my skin type has been a journey and a half! I've truly been through it all. Lemon and sugar scrubs, apple-cider vinegar, coconut oil and of course plenty of water (which threads on Instagram love to remind you as if that's the true key to clear skin). Don't get me wrong, they all served their purpose for a short while - but most of them, especially the lemon and sugar, would either dry my skin out completely or make it excessively greasy - which makes you prone to more spots...