Have you been searching for that perfect scent to call your very own? Something to flaunt off and to get people talking? Well, I've got three of my best fragrances to share, and I can assure you that they won't disappoint.


A little while back I came up with an idea to create a series of posts in which I share a few items, whether they be clothing, shoes or accessories - all of the same colours. Also, just in case any of you are interested and want to know where any of the items in the collection were from, they will all be listed - so don't worry!


School is back, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't the slightest bit stressed. I mean realistically, who wouldn't be? We were finally awarded the long-awaited break that a majority of us had been rooting for ever since we stepped foot in the place, and now it's been taken away from us - once again. Enough said, how about another mini-break? How about some... alone time?


As you may know, clothes are definitely not cheap. Full pieces or those lacking in the amount of material they come with, they're not cheap. I was recently shopping for an outfit with my mother, and I showed her a pair of distressed Mom jeans. Personally, I liked them as they were cut in all the right places and were pretty cheap, considering the fact that they were reduced from the best part of £20 down to £10.