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My name is Janelle “Nellé” Moore and I am a teenage blogger based in the UK. I’ve always had a passion for writing all types of things, and now that I’m older and have learnt a lot more about our world that is so strongly influenced by social media – I decided that I wanted to create a space where I could inspire and share things with others!

My blog is mainly Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle, but when it comes to me – there’s always going to be a lil’ extra. I also post things like advice, book reviews, crimes cases and storytimes, so hopefully you find something here that you enjoy!

Stay beautiful, stay unique –


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  1. OMG an aspiring criminologist in the making OOOH YOU GO GIRL!! i’m fascinated by crime ect and eek am so excited for your journey. looking forward to reading more of your content! also if you fancy working on a creative/writing/random themed collab, do get in touch x and btw Janelle is such a beautiful name

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