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How is the quarantine lifestyle treating you, so far? I can confidently say that I’ve been living in old joggers and tops for the past few months, and you know what? I’ve bloody had enough. We’ve all had them ‘ugly days’ where we literally feel like the grossest human being on Earth – and just want to switch it up a lil’, whether that be our skin-care, hair, nails or clothes. I’ve had a blend of all of them during quarantine, but my clothes have been a must. I recently ordered some lounge-wear from PrettyLittleThing, and I can’t lie that at first – it was a straight up n-o spells no from me, but when I tried it on properly I fell in LOVE.


This gorgeous pale pink/rose-y knitted set is honestly the comfiest thing that I currently own. Even though I ordered mine in a small-medium size, the jumper is baggier than I’d usually go for but I’m glad since it gives me A LOT of room, and cos it’s knitted – I really wasn’t trying to be that one sweaty pig rocking up (to nowhere) in my cute ‘fit. The cuffs, as I’m sure you can tell by the picture, are WIDE which make it better for them cold nights where you just wanna engulf your entire arm in your sleeve. The leggins were also perfect – stretchy enough too.

I think this set would go nicely with a pair of white AirForces, or any white trainers, if you just had to run out the house quickly (for essential purposes, duh). I have no idea what jacket you could pair with this look though, cos I’m sure it’d get quite stuffy with all of the layers – so maybe leave the jacket behind.

plt bardot jumper n leggins


This lounge-wear set was £28 from PrettyLittleThing, which I think is pretty reasonable considering that both the jumper and leggins are included. I’d definitely reccomend this piece to add a bit of boujeé-ness to your daily lazing about the house.

I hope that you’re all doing well and keeping safe during this lockdown. This post was only short, but thank you for reading! 😘 Let me know what you’ve been getting up to lately – and until next time –

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