Look at us. Who would’ve thought? Not me.

Honestly, even though we’re only three months into the year, I can only sum it up with that video. 2020 has been a whole mess and a half – you and I both know that, but I’m really starting to see the importance of remaining positive during these truly devastating times.

Many of us have been given an opportunity to unplug from the stressful rush of our prior lives, and place (more) value in spending time with our loved ones, caring for our other members, and on a more ‘selfish-but-also-selfless’ note – TRULY caring for ourselves. I feel like we’ve been given an opportunity to pause and appreciate life for what it truly is – and should be. It’s a shame that it’s taken for this to happen in order for us to notice – but better late than never.

Another massive reality check for me was the cancellation of our summer exams. For five years straight we’ve been hammered endlessly to prepare for these ‘bIg eXaMs’ – and where are they now? I, as I’m sure many others will be guilty of, have at times prioritised my education over other things that I shouldn’t have, hence why it feels like an even greater kick in the teeth now. Then of course, there’s the stress of how we’re going to be graded. Some will be benefited by receiving results close to our predicated grades, whilst others won’t hold the same fate – depending on these final exams to finally begin the next chapter of their lives.

Quite simply, though 2020 is nowhere near the end yet, it has taught me a bit about life and I now know what I want to start doing. Here’s a little glimpse –


This was just a short reflection, but feel free to share your personal thoughts based upon this year, so far, down below. Stay safe – see you in the next post x

nelle xo

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