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Good morning!

Started the day off well, with a little bit of history revision, a Pot Noodle (don’t @ me, the green cup is elite) AND an iron tablet! I was so relieved to find that I didn’t have too much to newly write up, as I found booklets that I’d made from a few months back – so that was a big weight lifted off of my shoulders, cos I really don’t want to be spending excessive amounts of my revision-time making notes for topics that I’m already familiar with, when I’ve got new topics that I haven’t yet started. Hopefully that makes sense, lol?

I’m currently watching some YouTube videos in bed, so I’ll update you all later on how the rest of my goals went for the day!


I just did more work for the rest of the day AND I finally got to catch up on Orange is the New Black! It’s been sooo long, so that was definitely the highlight of my day.

Night x


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It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, but I actually made myself breakfast this morning! I mean, it was nothing major – just a lil’ toast, scrambled egg and beans, but it definitely reminded me that it’s the most important meal of the day. I felt much more lively and charged up! 

I ran a few errands today, so I was pretty tired when I got back and just passed out. I’ve still got more revision to do today (might focus on sociology) and a bit of exercise, so speak later!


I’ve taken a break from my usual turmeric-treatment, as my skin began to dry out a lil’ – so I’ve opted to use raw honey on my face instead and I guess see where my skin goes with that, for the time being. I managed to do a bit of sociology revision too today! Sadly no exercise though… I’m knackered – and I’d probably collapse mid-squat. I seriously need to get back into that daily fitness routine – gotta get that boo-tayyy. Ignore me, I’m in desperate need of some shut-eye!

Night chick x


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You may or may not have noticed that I completely skipped day ten, but that’s only because nothing happened, and it would’ve been really boring to read. I value your time 😉

ANYWHO, the weather was nice and sunny today, so I spent a quick minute in the garden doing my revision, living up the student life – what’s new? Ask anyone. That’s all I do these days, I seriously need to meet up with my friends (miss y’all x) and go on a lil’ Nando’s date, which has been LONG overdue… Oh, I also got my squat on today!

I also finished I Know You by Annabel Kantarina today. Was it good, or was it GOOD? I still can’t believe how it all panned out. I don’t wanna say too much, cos I might make a review, but trust me when I say it’s a good read.

It’s 11:13 PM, and can we be honest?- I was never going to bed at 10:30. I do feel a bit tired though, so I’m most likely going to lay in bed and watch videos.

Have a good night x


Today’s quote is:


This comes as no surprise, but today is another revision day! I’m focusing on English Literature today; just creating character profiles for An Inspector Calls and key quotes etc.

Also got my green-fingers back out and got to work in the garden, so I’m most likely going to spend the day outside and make the most of the good weather.

I wanna start eating healthier, I haven’t felt too good lately, and I can’t help but feel like this is a sign to switch up my palate. I don’t necessarily eat bad now, ignoring the fact that I just had McDonald’s, but I’m just ready for a change.

OOP – we ordered a Chinese too… Night x


Yes, we skipped day thirteen too – I apologise, but it would’ve been just as boring for you to read it, as it would for me to write it.

Today was HÁT – not even hot, HÁT. I have no clue what temperature it was, but I was drip, dripping even whilst sat in the shade… Tomorrow is supposed to be 38°C, and I know that may sound measly to some, but no exaggeration when I say that that it is unhealthy for England to sizzle up like that. Like, I’m here for the good weather, but it’s  literally unbearable without the blessing of a likkle breeze.

ANYWHO – you already know that today was another revision day, I don’t need to go into the deets, but I also luckily found the time to steam my face! I’ve been feeling so bummy lately, and I just need to go out – but zé funds are low 😌 I love a break from school, but I can’t wait to snap back into that everyday routine and just get back on track.

It’s currently 12:26 am, so I’m gonna get comfy in bed and watch a few videos or a show.

Thanks for keeping up with the updates! See you next week in the third and final log😘 x

nelle xo

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