I’ve been blogging on-and-off for close to two years now, and it sure has been an experience. I’ve gotten to know some amazing, talented bloggers, and I’ve found joy in creating content and uploading it to a place that I can all my very own. Blogging has been a great way for me to express myself, and I wish to pursue this in the future also – so, I’ve came up with a few blogging goals for myself, to hopefully give this blog more of a purpose and to keep me going on!




Anyone that blogs will tell you quite simply that ‘consistency is key’ in order to build a following and for your blog to thrive. My uploading frequency has been pretty good recently, but I’d prefer to come up with a specific schedule for when I post. I’m considering posting at least twice a week? I believe that’s a good goal to set at first, but I just want an amount of content for my followers to become used to.



Social media is vital for spreading the word of your blog, so I definitely need to learn the in’s-and-out’s of different platforms. I’ve already got Twitter, Instagram and I just got Pinterest, but I’m looking into creating a Facebook account – as there are some useful and supportive blogging groups over there, but it was pure STRESS when I last tried to make an account. I spent ages trying to get my head around it, and before I could enjoy it, my account got disabled… I’ll try another day when my heads clear.


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I’m grateful for anyone that reads my blog, it honestly means a lot, but I really would like to have more engagement over the remaining months of this year. Engagement can be hard to get, and it requires a good amount of work being put in by a blogger to be able to sustain, but I’m willing to and I will. Likes are great to receive on my posts, but comments mean much, much more. I love reading and responding to various people that come across my blog – it’s just lovely to hear what people think, and helps me as a blogger, to understand what content my readers would prefer to see from me.


I don’t necessarily consider my posts to be too short at the moment, but I’d like to make my posts slightly more lengthier- just so that they’re a more enjoyable read. Also, I feel like sometimes I hold back on EVERYTHING that I want to say, as many people dislike and can’t be bothered to read long, clunky paragraphs, but I want to make my writing much fuller and detailed from now on.




My photography has certainly improved, I’ll give myself that, but at some point I want to go back to some of my older posts – and update my photos (if I can still find some of the items!). Additionally, I want to refrain from using other people’s photography, and instead make sure that everything featured on this blog is 100% moi.


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I’ve currently got a collaborative project in the works – the #21daymorningchallenge, and it’s definitely going to keep me busy – but I still would really love to do more future collaborations with other smaller bloggers (with a similar niché) and build a big supportive network! If you’re interested in possibly collaborating – please don’t hesitate to contact the email above!

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15 Replies to “MAIN BLOGGING GOALS FOR 2019”

  1. One of my goals is to write longer posts too! I feel like I have so much to say but it comes out in such a concise way, so it doesn’t look like I’ve said much at all.. Something I definitely have to work on! Good luck with your goals – you’re smashing them so far from what I can see x

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    1. I guess so, but personally as a reader of blogs, I think you need to find a middle ground. If it’s too long, I get bored, and if it’s too short I’m very unlikely to enjoy it. Quality over quantity, but quantity is important too!


  2. Aaah good luck on all your goals!! By the end of the summer I want to have specific days that I post on so that my readers know when to expect a new post. I did two years ago when I first started but found it stressful to miss a day so I just went with the flow. But I’ve fixed up my schedule and started blogging in the early mornings which I found to work best for me. I also want to increase engagement too! I’ve been on the hunt for new bloggers lately and found your blog through Alex’s so if you can suggest any bloggers I can check out lemme know! Also WordPress told me I’m already following you but I need a refresher because I dont think I’ve ever read a post from you oops! Lemme refresh my memory by going on a binge. 😂 Also girlll I’d love to collab. I have back to school collabs coming up so if we did a back to school fashion, beauty or lifestyle post would you be interested? We also have a very similar niche so it would be so fun! Let me know. Loved this post and good luck on all these!

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    1. It’s honestly so hard to stay consistent, especially with the pressure of school weighing on my damn shoulders, but it’s just one of those things that you’ve gotta figure out and try and balance the two. LOL, well… welcome again girl – glad you’ve found me now aha. I’ve seen some of your posts in my feed, you’re such a talented blogger – every post that I’ve read, I’ve been able to see your natural character and personality pouring out into your writing – LOVE THAT GIRL! Of course I’d be interested in a collab, that sounds like fun! Do you have social media – it’s much easier to talk on there? If not, my email is always there ( Can’t wait to hear from you, thanks for commenting! x

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      1. Right?? Wish you all the best in finding that balance. And omg girllll TYSM WHAT that means SO much!! Right back at you! Your writing style is so captivating like yes queen!! Yess I have an instagram @bayanceblogs and we can discuss it there!

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