JUNE TUNES + a lil’ update



Consistency has been my main goal since I last returned in April, but anyone that writes will tell you that it’s a tricky commitment to make. 

These last two months have been stressful – I’ll tell you that. Since it’s supposed to be a LIL’ update, I won’t go into too much detail (future rant pending) but all I’m gonna say is that I DESPERATELY need some bitch repellent. My goodness… I cannot stand people that do the most just to stay ‘relevant’. They give me a headache. Like, where do you find the energy to bother the people who you claim to have ‘moved on from’? It truly baffles me.

ANYWHO. On a more important note, school is really starting to get serious. I’m approaching my final year (yr 11) where you take your BIG exams, and even though I know I’ll be scratching the walls and trying to jump out of the window again (yes, again) come September when we transition, but I’m kinda excited for the change. Of course, there’s some stuff that I’ll need to sort out like maths and chemistry, but I can’t wait to become that extra bit more independent, work, work, work and then just LEAVE.

hand holding tea

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m the #1 music plug, so I guarantee that you’ll like at least one of the songs in this post!


lucky daye

I only recently found Lucky Daye, thanks to my YouTube recommendations, and I’m ADDICTED to his voice – I mean, who doesn’t love an artist that sounds the exact same live as they do on CD?. He’s got plenty of other great songs, but Roll Some Mo and Floods really stuck out to me.

R O L L  S O M E  M O 

We don’t know but we’re made of
The same thing we’re afraid of, might improve us
Stay up all night just lie up
Lose half but it’s paste up enough
To make moves with or ride a bit of course


F L O O D S 

Babe say som’n, we should be ashamed
Don’t say names, I don’t wanna know
No care for the blame games
Watch it fall, fall, fall
Can’t hit me when you rain so loud
Flood away




Very chilled, ‘I’m staying in‘ type of songs.

Neck to neck the waters rise
We swim good, we drown sometimes
Lift you up, you catch your breath
Help me up we take a step, oh
Take the time to figure out


rini 2

It’s getting colder
The nights are longer for me
The seasons changing
And so are we
So are we strangers, lost in the sea?
Follow the sunset and know you’re free




I’m not really a big Travis Scott fan, but I do like this song! I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s sorta trippy – which I love (but don’t do drugs kids).

P.S – the slow and reverb version sounds better!

I tried it, it feels right
This feels nice
I’ve been down and lost for days
Glad I found you on the way
When the day gets better, the night gets brighter
I always feel this way




OMG… this song! I mean, its a bit emosh’ but I love it.

I ain’t gonna lie
You’ve been on my mind
I know that it’s gonna take some getting used to
And I ain’t gonna front
Thought you were the one
Never would’ve guessed that you would fall through

sabrina caudio
Her voice is so soft and dreamy – she never lets me down! I forgot to add it to the playlist, but Don’t Let Me Down by Sabrina and Khalid is a MUST-listen to.
You took the concept of time
Erased it from me
I don’t do things in order no more
Havin’ night coffee in breakfast
No one be reckless, uh
But I just don’t feel no more


mac ayres

I listened to Mac a little while back, and I fell in love. His voice holds so much emotion… it’s beautiful. If you like this song, then I’d recommend you listen to Under and his Drive Slow album.

I guess we meet again, my friend
It’s not so often that you come around
Until our track has seen its end
I’mma be running, babe




Ooo, the vibes! Simple and sweet.

Know I’ve been stressed out
Cold to the touch, come here, clothes off
Know I’m unavailable
But I think I’m melting, yeah
I’ve been living life so hard




Last, but CERTAINLY not least we’ve got BTS!

Yes, I’m aware of the fact that they’re music isn’t 100% English, but I feel like this song especially has that nice… feel to it, that you actually forget that you can’t understand the lyrics!

Nan maemdolgoman isseo

^ my favourite lyric (and the only one I can say)

#ARMY #yougotnojams


Hope you enjoyed!

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nelle xo

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