It’s been ages since I did a post like this – in fact, it was last April! As much as I like doing these ‘favourites’ type of posts, I don’t always buy enough new things to be able to conjure up an entire post, and when I actually do – I want to use them for other posts.

The struggle of blogging…

As always, I’ll include the prices of each item so that you can purchase them if you wish too, but if I cannot find the exact item then I’ll try to find a very similar item.



coat jacket

I probably wear this coat 6/7 days of the week. Firstly, it’s khaki (my favourite colour) and secondly, it’s thick enough to allow me to brace the constant up-and-down weather that we have over here in England.


Its fur hood (which I love the most about any coat) feels nice to wear as it’s thick and heavy, and gives it a nice, subtle statement.


If you’re lazy like me and instead of opening doors, like you’re supposed to, you prefer to slide in between them- then DON’T when you’re wearing this coat!

I did this last week, and the button of my pocket FLEW off – my friend fixed it (thank God) but just be careful, yeah?

I bought this in January for £55 from Very, but they recently reduced the price to £35 and therefore it sold out.



This casual, suede biker jacket goes really well with a pair of skinny jeans. It’s slightly cropped, so if you don’t like your back out or legs on full display, then this probably isn’t for you.

Try this jacket with a mustard top and light-blue skinny jeans – thank me later!

I got this for £25 but I couldn’t find the exact jacket on the Primark website, however, there are two very similar (if not the same) designs yet different colours

L I M E  B I K E R  J A C K E T 

L U S H  B I K E R  J A C K E T  



I bought this jumper on sale from H&M for £6.99, and I’ve enjoyed wearing it as it’s something small and basic yet cute to wear. In case you’re wondering, it says ‘lover’s unite’.



Guess it’s your lucky day! – it’s now on the H&M website for £5


bags coverr

I HATE big, bulky bags. They look out of place and remind me of the year 7’s at school with their massive camping bags. This light, hobo bag sits nicely on your shoulder so you don’t have to worry about knocking someone’s head off theirs!


I got this on sale for £10, but the price has gone back up to its original price of £20 on the H&M website.


featuring my niece’s unicorn


I use this tote bag mainly for school, as it has a good amount of space on the inside. I especially like the gold detailing and the keyring of charms and tassels that come with it.

I got this from Peacocks for £22, but I couldn’t find it nor a similar one on the website.


lip gloss balm

I’ve been using these two lip-products A LOT this month (crispy fries, not lips b xx) and I actually use them together.





I use the Vaseline as a base, and then the lip-gloss on top – for a nice sheen.

You can buy the Cocoa Butter Vaseline from any drugstore for £1/2. The lip-gloss is in the colour: clear, and is on sale from the Avon ‘mark.’ line for £3.50.



I LOVE these Adidas tubular shadows! They’re really comfy and great for sports. The colour also goes nicely with the jumper in this post, as they’re both pale pink.


I got these from Very for around £45, but I couldn’t find the exact colour – so I’ll link the page of the different coloured ones and also the trainers from the actual Adidas website.



This is a collab with the lovely Kyra over on her blog lovekyra – so if you’re visiting her page make sure to say that you came from here!

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