I absolutely LOVE psychological thrillers. Of course they leave me feeling on edge, but their eeriness and startling nature really draw me in, as well as the unsettling questions that stay with you long afterwards.

The Escape by C.L Taylor

The book initially takes place in Bristol, England and goes through the tough life of University worker, Jo Blackmore, and the struggles that she encounters – as she desperately attempts to keep both her and her two-year-old daughter safe from the foreseeable danger that has been been thrown into the mix of her already stressful life.



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Wow… I was not expecting ANYTHING at all that happened.

Right from the very first page I was gripped, and felt uneasy for the later plot to follow. At so many parts of the book I’d gasp, feeling either really shocked and horrified or sorry for poor Jo, during her fight to prove that she’s a good mother, whilst already terrible situations progressively worsened.

The book is quite fast paced, which I feel is sometimes needed for this particular genre, and I found my need to turn detective compelling as I tried to figure out everyone’s true intentions.

I truly believe that every aspect of the storyline was explored, and the fact that is was very naturalistic made me feel nervous and wonder what I would ever do if I was in the same, or worse, circumstance- as I watched how so many people switched on Jo and utterly alienated her.

Despite her personal issues, I applaud Jo’s character for pulling herself together and fighting off her demons so that she could prioritise who meant the most to her – Elise. Throughout the book she was underestimated not only as a mother, but also as an individual – so it was nice to see her character grow and become more self-assured.

Don’t let me forget the ending either- I was so PROUD.

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This is the first C. L. Taylor book that I’ve read, and I’ll definitely will be reading more from her!

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C.L. Taylor is the Sunday Times best-selling author of four psychological thrillers. Her books have sold over a million copies in the UK and have been translated into twenty-one languages. She lives in Bristol with her partner and son.



DATE – 23rd March 2017


If you wish to purchase this book, it’s now available for £2 from The Works (pssst… The Works now also have an offer where you can purchase 3 books for £5!)


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