STORYTIME: My Possessive and Controlling Best Friend


I’ve never done a post like this before (so I have no idea how to exactly begin) but I’m generally quite excited to get this whole… situation out of my system, and finally speak out about my feelings.

It’ll probably be easier to just start, but before we get any further we’re going to need a nickname for her – so we’ll just call her Riya.


Riya and I had been friends since year 7. At first, we weren’t exactly the closest because there were quite a few of us girls in a group (which I was new to at the time), but we eventually did get closer and I honestly considered her as my best friend- hopefully, life-long too.

Now don’t get me wrong, I originally had high ratings of her, and she was my #1 for sharing my secrets with, going out and just generally joking around with, but there was a side to her that I (as did my other friends) didn’t really like.

Riya would always crave attention from the opposite sex – and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it got to a stage where when she’d share her little stories about a boy flirting with her or how ‘everybody’ wanted her, it came across that she was bragging to us rather than simply telling us. Call me jealous if you like, but if you actually saw the lineup of boys that our school has to offer, you’d be more satisfied with bagging yourself a granddaddy – unless we’re talking sixth-formers, because in that case…

Anyway, we soon learnt that that was just the sort of person that Riya was, and as I said before – there is nothing wrong with that, but it always seemed like she felt as though she was prettier than us all, even if she continued to be a good friend.


She used to get so pissed whenever I’d speak to other people. For example, I’d be talking to another girl in my class who I got on well with, and then Riya would manage to worm her way into the conversation every time, and there was an instance where one of my friends told me that Riya had given her a dirty look whilst we were talking. There was also another instance where I was on the phone with Riya when my sister called me also, so I put Riya on hold; and when I’d finished my call with my sister, Riya wanted to know what we were talking about. I remember being quite taken aback – mostly at the fact that I felt obliged to tell her, otherwise she’d get annoyed with me.

That was one thing, but it got especially annoying when it felt like I couldn’t have private conversations with the other girls in our friendship group. We’d speak about the issue privately with one another, but we didn’t feel comfortable with telling her. She’d done pretty shady things in the past and we confronted her about it, but she’d NEVER change. So, again we thought that this was just the person that Riya was.

Until there was a circumstance (that I won’t speak too much on) but to summarise: Riya was speaking about me and another girl in our group – we’ll call her Mae, to a fourth girl in our group about how Mae and I had made her feel left out. When I first heard about this I was shocked, but it really allowed me to see how pathetic Riya was.

Felt left out, yet she was the one that I’d spend the most time with, out of the others? – essentially due to not having another choice because she’d get really moody with me if I spoke to anyone else that wasn’t her.

Nobody likes to be branded as jealous, but if the cap fits then please DO wear it.

Mae and I finally confronted Riya about her attitude, and to no surprise, she didn’t like it. At all. She got really defensive, but to really prove that Riya didn’t care about our feelings – straight after our confrontation, she messaged Mae to ask if she could get a lift the next morning for school – and then when Mae said no (because the issue clearly hadn’t been resolved yet) she then asked me if we were meeting.

What do you think I said?

Flash-forward to now, me and Riya are no longer best friends. Nor are we friends, or acquaintances. We’re pretty much strangers.

Honestly, I wanted to make friends again (hence why I messaged her a few days afterwards) and thought that the whole issue would’ve been a thing of the past within a few days – but I can quite comfortably say that it is VERY unlikely that we will ever be friends again in the future.

Ever since the fall-out, Riya has managed to make a LOT of people (i.e. the people that she used to claim she disliked and spoke badly about) dislike the remaining girls of our group and me, and of course, like any other petty teenage girl – she’s been posting indirects all over social media (which I happily removed her from). Surely if the grass was greener on the other side, then she wouldn’t feel the need to – but what do I know?

To conclude, I honestly wish Riya the best in her endeavours to bring us down (it’s rather entertaining) and generally – in life. I will never wish any ill for her, but I think it’s probably better for society that we disassociate ourselves from one another.

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5 Replies to “STORYTIME: My Possessive and Controlling Best Friend”

  1. This is honestly so petty! I had a group of girls who I were friends with at my new school who literally all used to bitch about each other which made me wonder what they were saying about me. I haven’t spoken to a single one of them since I fell out with them and I couldn’t be happier!
    -Kyra xx

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  2. This was kind of an abusive and controlling situation. I know it hurts when friendships end. But, it’s good that you are away from her. You don’t deserve this treatment.

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