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Believe me when I say that finding a skin-care routine best suited for my skin type has been a journey and a half! I’ve truly been through it all. Lemon and sugar scrubs, apple-cider vinegar, coconut oil and of course drinking plenty of water (which threads on Instagram love to remind you as if that’s the true key to clear skin). Don’t get me wrong, they all served their purpose for a short while – but most of them, especially the lemon and sugar, would either dry my skin out completely or make it excessively greasy – which makes you prone to more spots…

Pure stress.

My skin is not at all perfect, but it’s definitely improved over the last 1-2 years, and I now feel more confident to face the world.



I got this exfoliator a while ago, and I haven’t stopped using it. I love a steamy bath to open up my all of my pores, and then a facial exfoliator to really get under my skin.


It’s gentle and effective, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin – unlike other exfoliators that leave you feeling as though you’ve walked through stinging nettles and back.


When I purchased this from Avon it was £4, but they now have an offer where you can buy a single product from their Clearskin brand and can also get either the exfoliator or a blackhead remover as a free gift!

Trust me, it’s worth it.


masks text


Come on… what’s a skin-care routine without a mask?


L’Oreal definitely came through with these clay masks! I currently own three (note currently): the blemish rescue mask, the bright mask and also the glow mask.


The blemish rescue mask has saved me many times when new spots have popped up, and the bright mask provides a satisfying sheen – but the glow mask is definitely my favourite of the three.

I typically use it in the morning before school, and I always feel like I’ve left the house with a fresh, rejuvenated face. Plus, it leaves my skin that extra bit softer.

You can purchase them all for the same price of £5.29 from Superdrug.

B L E M I S H  R E S C U E  M A S K 

B R I G H T  M A S K 

G L O W  M A S K 




No questioning, you need moisturiser. I have two personal faves: Cetraben and Dove.


This moisturiser is dermatologically approved and is known for relieving irritated red, inflamed and dry skin. It’s slightly on the pricer side – £12.99 from Superdrug for a 500mg bottle, but I can honestly say that it’s lasted a LONG time and serves its purpose.



If you’ve seen my WHO DID IT BETTER? post where I compared Baylis & Harding and Dove, then you’ll know that this moisturiser was rated a full 5/5 – and I’m glad to say that my opinion of it hasn’t changed.

It still leaves my skin feeling nice and dewy – I love it.

If you wish to purchase this item separately (in my earlier post it came in a gift set), then it’s now in Boots for £4.69

I want to do more routine-type of posts in the future, so I hope you enjoyed this post, and hopefully, if you decide to use these products in the future, then they’ll work for you too💖

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  1. I used to have the little exfoliator from Avon and I really thought it made a different I may have to repurchase this as you’ve reminded me how well it work fo me! I love Cetraben as I have quite sensitive skin this brand is great and you’re right a little does go a long way. I really enjoyed reading this post 💗💗

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  2. My skin is something I never take of I always thought products were too expensive and not worth it but after reading your post I am definitely going to invest in some of these products!

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