HIS & HERS – Two Dimensions Of A Love Affair



Calls after calls, block to unblock,
Time’s moving on but we’re stuck in this spot,
Trusted you to unravel this noose of hurt
Now you’re straining to secure the knot.

So close, yet so far away
How could I make you mine?
A whisper here, a flirtation there,
At last! Two pink lines.

Just me, these four walls
And a paragraph from you,
‘Sorry babe’, I wipe my eyes,
‘I promise we’ll get through’

I stare at our beauty behind the madness,
Body contorted, face red,
Know I need you the most right now,
Yet you’re laid up in your previous beds.

In sickness and in health, you soon appear,
Father of the year,
You were here, so that’s all that mattered
The rest wasn’t as clear…

Staggering through the door at early hours,
Hate and fury filled eyes,
Then you tell me you didn’t mean it,
Intoxicated lies.



Seen you from afar,
And far is where I’d stay,
Your kind: the type to trap a man
So they don’t go away.

But now I’m tied up to your silhouette,
Contemplating what I’ve done,
Find pleasure in the burn at the back of my throat,
The aftermath not so fun.

So I lie with each breath,
Say, ‘I’m working out of town’,
Last night you danced with the devil:
In payment, he won’t be around.

Run my thumb along the scan you gave me,
Then under the mattress it goes,
Kiss my wife and say I love her,
Thinking she’ll never know.

Monitors and machines,
A comatose baby,
If I’d left-
Left it any longer
Then maybe…

Staggering through the door at early hours,
‘Where have you been?’
I embrace you with the truth this time,
Won’t let me go, so I always win.


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6 Replies to “HIS & HERS – Two Dimensions Of A Love Affair”

  1. It would be good as a freestyle verse as the rhymes are a bit contrived. We have been brought up to think that poetry has to rhyme but nowadays it doesn’t. I like the repetition of ‘staggering etc.’ Keep writing.

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