WHO DID IT BETTER? – Baylis & Harding VS Dove

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I hope you all had an amazing Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate then I hope you had an amazing day! So, this year I was given two gift sets – one from Baylis & Harding and the other from Dove, and seeing as they both contained similar products I thought ‘why not make a review?’. Both of them are popular brands, but WHO DID IT BETTER?





Two words. Glitter galore.

As girly as it may sound, I was drawn in by the sparkly effect – just look!

packaging b and h.PNG
Baylis & Harding Jojoba Silk and Almond Oil

side box b and h


DOVE – 2/5

A 1/5 would’ve been far too harsh because it’s not as if the packaging was atrocious but in my opinion, it was just a boring, plain yellow and white box.

dove packaging
Dove Elegant Beauty Room Difference Gift Set

side box dove





It’s had a silky application, but the ‘moisture’ did NOT remain at all. I used it on my hand, and less than fifteen minutes later it felt as if I hadn’t even used it in the first place. Also, it barely had any smell and it was a small tube (50 ml).

Very disappointed.

b and h lotion


DOVE – 5/5

Firstly, I LOVE vanilla, so if you know any vanilla lovers, I can assure you that they’ll enjoy using this!

dove lotion

Compared to the Baylis & Harding lotion, it has much more product (250 ml) – so that’s always a bonus. It also claims to be ‘enriched’ with NutriDUO ( a combination of natural skin nutrients and essential oils), and I cannot lie – my skin feels replenished after using it.

In the winter my skin tends to dry out ( as many others can probably relate) but the moisture from this lotion stayed locked in for hours.


WASHES title



The set came with both a body wash and a shower cremé, both with the same jojoba and almond oil scent (really refreshing).

b and h wash 1

b and h wash 2

The wash came out in a jelly-like texture, which I wasn’t too fond of, but it did produce loads of bubbles! Again, the cremé made loads of bubbles but it was much silkier coming out of the bottle.

Something to consider is that the bottles are small (both 100 ml), so after a few uses they will finish rather quickly.


DOVE – 4/5

Fresh smelling with loads of bubbles. Also, much more product (250 ml) than the Baylis & Harding washes – so that’s a bonus!

dove wash.PNG


EXTRAS title



Similar to the packaging, the cosmetic bag is glittery and sparkly which makes it a nice addition to the set. It would also be great for travel as it’s not excessively large.

b and h extra

Ideally, I suppose you’d store your makeup or lady products in here, but you could also use it as a little pencil case! (it can fit a calculator believe it or not).



I don’t even know where to begin.

The diffuser came with some instructions and the first step was to remove the wooden cover. Simple right? WRONG.

dove extras

I can’t even stress how much of a struggle it was to try and get it off. Between my mum, sister and I, we could NOT turn it in the slightest way. I ended up piercing the stopper with a dart, but I don’t really think it helped.

Up close I can smell it, but walking past it in the hallway I can not smell it at all.

A waste? You tell me. Makes a nice decoration though.





They say quality over quantity, but Dove gives you both!

The Baylis & Harding gift set is more appealing, but you’re honestly paying more for the amount of plastic it comes with rather than the products themselves.

Want to make a purchase?



I don’t know the exact price of the gift set in this post, but there are very similar ones for as little as £7 from beauty stores like Superdrug and Boots.


The exact one in this post went down in the sales from £5 to £3 from Wilko’s but is currently unavailable. They can email you to let you know when there are more in stock, however.

Here’s a very similar gift set from Dove in Argos for £11.99, with a little something extra!


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