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We all have them certain things that set us off, even if it’s only slightly. From bad breath, bad grammar, all the way to people cutting in front of you in lines – if it’s able to be done, then it’s able to annoy.

In this post, I will be going through a few of my biggest pet peeves – so if it gets a little heated, I apologise!

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L O U D  C H E W I N G 



A popular one – loud chewing. My annoyance for this has grown so strong lately that I don’t even care if the person eating’s mouth is closed – if I can hear and vision the process of the saliva breaking down your food, then we’ve got a problem.

The sound is one thing, but the sight is truly another! Lips parted, teeth on full savage-mode and food springing about your mouth? Super gross if you ask me.

The only instance where I’d allow someone to chew loudly was if they had a cold because we all know that eating whilst your nose is stuffy is a tad bit difficult, but even then – they’d better lower the volume down.


 T A L K I N G  T O  M E  W H E N   I  H A V E  

H E A D P H O N E S  I N 



Why people do this? It’s beyond me. Like, it’s pretty obvious that my intentions were to block out the noise around me, so I do not understand why you’re trying to add to it.

I must admit, however, sometimes I won’t even have music playing, but I’ll still wear my earphones just so that I look unapproachable – am I the only one?


‘ F O L L O W  –  F A S H I O N ‘  P E O P L E ‘


increasing like gif


I got the term from my mother who uses it often to describe a few individuals, but it basically defines as ‘copying people‘. Now, there’s a HUGE difference between being inspired and straight up copying. It really infuriates me when you can quite clearly see that someone has only done something because somebody else has done it.

More than this, I really hate when people STEAL other people’s ideas and creations, and then pass them off as their own. It doesn’t take five minutes to credit someone for their work – get with the programme sis’.


E A T I N G  I N  B A T H R O O M S


eating in bathroom gif.gif


This one doesn’t make me angry, but it really makes me cringe. At my school, I’m always seeing girls walking into the bathrooms, straight after buying something from the canteen – eating. So you’re telling me that you feel comfortable munching on your toastie or batch, in a room where over one hundred other females release their bodily fluids? No – didn’t think so.


W H E N  P E O P L E  D O N ‘ T  S M I L E  B A C K 


oh my god omg GIF-source.gif


This has happened to the best part of us, if not ALL of us. I just find it so rude but funny at the same time. There’s this old woman who I see whilst I’m walking home from school, and she has a little dog. Like I do with most people I see outside, I smiled at her and she literally BLANKED me. Obviously, I didn’t take it too personally, but it really had me like – ‘Damn, who upset you today?’ afterwards.


S P I T T I N G  I N  P U B L I C


gross gif


Last but not least, we have the disgusting habit of spitting outdoors. This one also makes me cringe, and I can’t stand seeing blobs of saliva just splattered on the pavement. If something like a fly flew into your mouth, I get it – by all means, spit it out, but if not PLEASE gulp your saliva down. Nobody wants to see it engraved on the ground, and I’m sure your throat would appreciate the moisture.


Hope you enjoyed the post!
I’d love to know what some of your pet peeves are, so leave them down below! xo

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12 Replies to “PET PEEVES”

  1. the eating loudly thing is so relatable haha… i feel like i’m probably guilty of not smiling back sometimes, but i promise it’s only because my brain doesn’t register in time to react!

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  2. Eating in bathrooms is just SO SO GRIM and I don’t get how people can do it. I hate it when people get too close to me and breathe really really loudly next to my ear; it gives me the creeps 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Relatable… Also one of mine is when your phone is charging and someone takes it out to plug theirs in. We have two chargers downstairs so we all charge our stuff there and my siblings are forever taking my phone out to put theirs in 😑

    Liked by 1 person

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