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Alright, I know that we’re only a couple of days into the month – but trust me when I say that I’ve got some amazing songs and artists to share! I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while now, so I’m so excited to be finally making one.

Lately, I’ve been really into those chilled, vibey, ‘ get you in yo’ feels‘ type of songs, so I’ve got an entire playlist on Spotify FULL of them. I admit. I’m obsessed. Of course, I cannot write about each and every one individually, but I do have six to share that I absolutely love.

So grab your aux-cord, and let’s vibe out!


D A N I E L  C A E S A R  – J A P A N E S E  D E N I M Daniel Ceaser Japanese Denim.png

When I first heard this song, I felt emotional – but I couldn’t quite understand why. Daniel’s lyrics aren’t necessarily deep, but they still managed to touch me – if that makes any sense. Maybe it’s his soothing voice, who knows?

‘But I ponder you
I’m bending it over
You’re my four leaf clover
I’m so in love, so in love’



X A V I E R  O M Ä R – I F  T H I S  I S  L O V E 

If This Is Love Xavier Omar.png


Feel like you’ve been played around, and need to remember exactly who you are? Just listen to this song. From the beat to the lyrics – it definitely had me hooked.

‘You won’t be stressing me in my prime now
You need to speak to me better
Talk to me like I’m worth a damn
You could be treating me better’



A R I N  R A Y – C O M M U N I C A T I O N  (f  t  D R A M)

Communication Arin Ray.png


Hands down, this is my favourite song out of all six. It’s smooth and the lyrics are beautiful. After listening to this, I will definitely be listening to more of Arin Ray.

‘I know better
Know better than to leave my trust in a team?
I know better than to cheat
you deserve the best from me’



Y O  T R A N E – T H E  R E A L E S T ,  P R T .  2

Yo Trane The Realest Prt.2.png


Strange, but I listened to part two first and still haven’t listened to part one. Oh well, this song is for keepers.

‘Would you mind if I give you my heart?
Would you mind if I take you home with me?
Home with me? Cause you’re mine
And they won’t break us ‘part’



H . E . R  –  F O C U S 

H E R Focus.png


So simple, yet so beautiful. I love H.E.R’s dreamy voice and her choice of lyrics. I’m also really glad that she’s blowing up now, she deserves the recognition!

‘Hands in the soap
Have the faucet’s running
And I keep looking at you
Stuck on your phone
And you’re stuck in your zone
You don’t have a clue’



K A L I N  W H I T E – S A V A G E 

kalin white savage.png


Oh my gosh, just look at him… Imagine him expressing his love for you, even after you’ve broken his heart – that’s the entire song for you.

‘I loved you
You vanished
I guess I was your bright idea
You wouldn’t tell your girls bout this
Front for your girls like this’



If you enjoyed this post, and think that my music choice is half-decent (my family always critisise), then let me know and I might make a special playlist for you’s!🌸

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