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A little while back I came up with an idea to create a series of posts in which I share a few items, whether they be clothing, shoes or accessories – all of the same colours. Also, just in case any of you are interested and want to know where any of the items in the collection were from, they will all be listed – so don’t worry!



Let’s start off this collection with some boots, shall we?

I bought these boots sometime around last year, and although I’ve only worn them a couple of times, I must admit that they’re super cute and comfortable – going with almost any outfit!

They give off a smart vibe, with their clean, shiny exterior. They’re worth the buy!


new look boots
£15 from New Look


bags cover

Next, I’ve got two bags that you’ll DEFINITELY want to cop.

The first is a stylish, half-suede bag with gold detailing. I use this as a school-bag, as it’s wide and can hold a lot – which is essential when you’ve got about ten different textbooks and a hundred other sheets to carry.

What I liked about this bag was that it came with the pom-pom, which adds a cute touch.

This bag is also available in grey.

select bag
£12 from Select

The last bag is a casual shoulder-bag, with tassels and like the last one, gold detailing. It’s quite small so you wouldn’t be able to fit a lot other than perhaps your phone, purse etc. but it’s nice to slip on and off when going out.


h&m bag
£15 from H&M


jeans cover

Also from H&M, I bought some black skinny jeans. What I love the most about this pair of jeans, is that although they’re skinny, they have a slight stretch to them – which allows your legs to breathe.


hAm jeans
£10 from H&M


jumper cover

This jumper is a cute wear, with the bold lettering of ‘DRAMA QUEEN’ on each sleeve.

Plus, it’s super cheap!

£7 from Primark


trainers cover

Lastly, in this collection, I have a pair of casual, ‘whatever the weather’ type of trainers. They’re the Nike Air Force 1’s.

air force


PS: I’m aware that the dates of the images are from last year, but I guess that just shows how long I’ve been prolonging this post, aha x

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