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As you may know, clothes are definitely not cheap. Full pieces or those lacking in the amount of material they come with, they’re not cheap. I was recently shopping for an outfit with my mother, and I showed her a pair of distressed Mom jeans. Personally, I liked them as they were cut in all the right places and were pretty cheap, considering the fact that they were reduced from the best part of £20 down to £10.

Of course, she’s always disagreeing with me – so I put them back and continued to look through similar jeans on the SALE rack.

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EVERYTHING I saw either too expensive or too revealing – so I soon gave up on my search and left the store.

When I got home that night, I was sorting out which clothes I could give away to charity when I came across a pair of old jeans. They’d been abandoned for about 3 years, so they were certainly tight (which I like) but they were plain and could do with a good ol’ DIY!

No more than 5 minutes later, I was already sprawled across the floor hacking away at the now distressed jeans! I had to go out the next day, so I wore them without a doubt – and I must say, they were pretty stylish!

So here’s how to make your own pair of distressed jeans!



+ Jeans
+ Chalk/ marker
+ Tweezers
+ Stanley knife




Put the jeans on and really try to visualise where and how big or small you want them to be distressed. Once you’ve decided, roughly outline the area(s) with your chalk or marker and then take them off!


Take your Stanley knife and slice along the marked area. Be careful not to cut the other side of the jeans. You can always insert a magazine or cardboard through the legs of them, to avoid this from happening.

If you’re finding it difficult to use the knife, pinch at the material and cut it away with scissors!


Pull at loose threads you notice with your tweezers. The more you pull, the better – as it gives off a more natural, distressed look.

Keep tweaking with the jeans until you reach what is best for you. At first, they’re bound to look a little strange but adding extra cuts and possibly staying on to the next step could help you!






This is where the sandpaper comes in. It’s great for adding small, extra details and distressing your jeans even more!

Where you have already pulled at the thread, rub your sandpaper over the area for a short while and then pull at the thread.

For the extra detail, rub the sandpaper along an area you haven’t cut, and tease the thread away with your tweezers. When I was following this step, I rubbed the sandpaper a bit below the front pockets and also at the bottom more to the side of the leg.

They’re not supposed to be as striking as the much larger cuts, but just a cute detail instead.


You’re all done! Wear and flaunt your brand new distressed jeans that were originally a plain pair.


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