Revenge is sweet, but revenge during the festive season is even sweeter...

QUICK SPLASH N’ DASH: Autumn Skin-Care Routine

Autumn is one of those seasons that I'm just not here for - full stop. It's cold, rainy, and pure grim when you've gotta walk through all of the leaves, hence why I needed to incorporate some new items into my routine to feel at least half rejuvenated. 


The holidays have gone FAST. I cannot believe that a couple of weeks ago, I was excited to be finally on my break from school, and now by the time you're reading this - I will already be back in that ladybird infested, hell-hole (I wish I was joking).


This is the third and final diary log of the #21daymorning challenge! Don't get me wrong, it was truthfully a great experience, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't somewhat relieved that it's finally over. Since I've been documenting my life for the past two weeks whilst I've been doing the challenge, I thought it'd be nice to end with a reflective post and just speak on my personal experience with the challenge!